Deciding on internet dating an engineer? Here are 15 main reasons you will want to:

1. Your mother and father will agree.

2. Might also have a pencil when you need it. Just hunt behind his or her ear canal.

3. Can’t perform the math? Your date sooo want to solve those problems for you.

4. If you purchase property together, it’ll be structurally seem.

5. Conflict quality should be reached in a peaceful, rational way.

6. No pretentious dining options. Simply keep carefully the refrigerator stocked with beer.

7. The clocks on your own stove and DVD player might be ready and synched.

8. Designers will always right up for hard.

9. Anxiety and stress in a relationship is workable. Designers don’t run away from difficulty.

10. No idle approaches to matchmaking right here. Designers will be ready to “do it correct the 1st time.”

11. You’ll be able to joke about rubbing and gravitational appeal.

12. Have pc problems? The time can destroy “bugs” for your needs.

13. All those busted devices at home will get fixed — and perhaps improved.

14. Have to chat late at night? Engineers can handle all-nighters.

15. Engineers are used to using rings. Merely sayin’.

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