The Life & Love Transformation Group Program
for Singles

YES! I’m Ready.

It’s Time to Create the Life I Desire & Have the Love I Deserve!
using “The Mindset for Success” system

Course Value Over $30,000

Benefits of the Life & Love Transformation Singles Group Program

  • Heal Past Unconscious Childhood Trauma & Emotional Triggers
  • Learn The Mindset for Success System in Life, Love & Business
  • Understand the Art & Psychology of Successful Dating
  • Increase Confidence, Self-Esteem, Boundaries, Trust & Empowerment
  • Decrease Fear-based Negative Thinking, Anxiety, Depression
  • Get Loving, Empathetic Group Support from others “Who Get You”
  • and much more!
Program Starts March 20th, 2023 to END DATE3 (6 month program)


Eliminate for Good Your Emotional Triggers & Negative, Fear-based Responses. Become Empowered & Confident to Live Your Best Life Now!

Course Value Over $30,000

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Bonus Package includes

2 months FREE Group Coaching, total of 6 months -$5000

Educational Resource Library – $5000

Bonus Educational Handouts Prior To Starting – $1500

Private Focus Coaching Session Before Program – $1000

1 Hour Private Coaching Half Way Through the Program – $1000

Graduate Award Coaching Session – $1000

2 books: ‘Happiness Starts With you’ & ‘The Anti-Anxiety Formulae’ – $500

pay-in-full bonus: success in dating course – $1000

TOTAL BONUSES = Over $16,000!

Get the $1000 Success in Dating program FREE! 

Payment Plan: $570 Deposit in 48 Hours + 5 Auto payments of $570 every 21 days 

Life & Love Transformation Coaching for Singles

Trauma Recovery, Personal Transformation, Mindset, Dating & Relationship Skills

Understand & Practice How to Use these Skills the Rest of Your Life!

Dating to Mating 5-Module Course for Singles

Learn the Research-based System that has Transformed so many Lives.

This Proven Online Group course has 5 easy-to-use Modules that contain –

    + 5 Online Training Modules with Educational PowerPoint Videos

    + 90-page Research-based Dating to Mating Workbook we use throughout the program

   + Audio Instructional Tapes

   + Bonus videos

   + Both of Riana’s Bestselling eBooks, LIVE & LOVE Beyond Your Dreams

+ NEW Educational Resource Library Online

This Proven Online Group course has 5 easy-to-use Modules that contain –

Life & Love Transformation Program
Dating to Mating for Singles

+ 5 Online Training Modules with Educational PowerPoint Videos

+ 90-page Research-based Dating to Mating Workbook we use throughout the program

+ Audio Instructional Tapes

+ Bonus videos

+ Both of Riana’s Bestselling eBooks, LIVE & LOVE Beyond Your Dreams

+ NEW Educational Resource Library Online

Bi-weekly virtual Educational Group Classes

Every other Monday for 6 months, Hour 1: Learn The Trauma Recovery & Mindset for Success Skills

Bi-weekly Q & A Group Coaching on Your Concerns

2nd Hour; Personal Coaching on Your Questions to Help Your Transformation

1 Hour Private Coaching

Two 30 minute private coaching sessions over 6 months

Accountability Partners

Get an Accountability Partner Who Assists with Your Healing & Growth

2 Follow-Up Group Sessions

2 Post-Graduation Q & A Sessions to Check Your Progress (Feb, March)

Guest Coach Appearances & Lessons

Amazing Guest CoachesTeaching Beneficial Content

Supportive, Loving Community

Be a part of an Empathetic, Loving & Supportive Family Who “Get You”


Read a Few of Our Client’s Success Stories

Why this Group Coaching is Different

*Over 40 Years of Professional Experience
*Trademarked Research & Many Training Modalities

CCTP I + II: Advanced Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, Trauma Recovery Specialist

LMHC: Psychotherapist Tools used over 22 years in Private Practice

RCI: Cert. Singles & Couples Life Coach: 12 years & 1000’s of Testimonials

Cert. Mindset Success Coach: Specialist using Mindset Training over 40 years

LCADC: Licensed & Certified Addictions Counselor to Break Addictive Patterns

Creator: “The Childhood Trauma Checklist” & Research-based Healing Tools

Business Coach & College Professor teaching How to Get Your dream job

NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Programming Skills

Emotional Intelligence Tools for Conscious Awareness

Neuroscience & Brain-Based Trauma Healing

Spiritual Philosophy & Belief Systems Training

Experiential Group Learning Exercises; with Supportive Group Dynamics

Positive & Developmental Psychology

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Techniques

Trauma Release, Forgiveness Techniques & Practices

Conscious & Empowered Communication Skills

Conflict Management & Negotiation skills

Spiritual Divine Meditation & Breathwork

Sexual Confidence Education to Increase Intimacy Skills

The Art & Psychology of Dating Successfully & Online Profile Success Skills

Relationship Communication & Sustainability Skills

Experience as a Talent Agent & Fashion Stylist – Getting Your Look Together for Dating Success and the Best Online Pics

Personal Training with over 12 Top Coaches; I share the Best from the Best!

Personal Childhood & Love Trauma & Successful Recovery. I Understand You.


Have You Noticed Our Classes ...

Class 1; 1/8 7:30 pm EST

5 Secrets to The Mindset for Success in Life, Love & Business

Class 2; 2/1 at 7:30 pm is

– 5 Secrets to Attract an Emotionally Healthy Partner for The Love You Deserve

You Can’t Change What You Don’t Know
or Understand.”

This is For You if…..

You’ve Tried Everything & Nothing Worked to Help You Feel Better OR Find Love

To Find Love you Tried Years of Therapy, medication, other coaches, listened to tons of podcasts and summits, read every Self-Help book….You may be Successful in Business but you just Can't seem to Get Love right. It's time to invest in the Method that works!

You Have Years of Anxiety, bouts of Depression & Can’t Shake the Loneliness or Fatigue

You don't feel heard, no one “gets you”, you feel different, find it hard to focus, and “fake being happy." You've tried medication and still feel no Energy, Joy or Excitement for Life. THe Anxiety won't go away. You wonder, “Is this all there is to my Life?” You're Tired of Being Tired.

You’re “Stuck in Your Story”

Your thoughts and communication is often about what happened to you in your past. You can’t move on. You’re still pissed off, resentful, and feel violated. You turn to friends to vent, but they are tunning out or dropping you as a friend. You’re stuck in “Victim-mode.”

You Lack Trust, are Afraid to Date, yet Hate being Alone.

You often attach to the first person who gives you attention because it’s been so long since you “felt love.” You attract Toxic, Codependent, Addictive or Abusive Partners – over and over again, and can’t figure out why. You're Full of Frustration and Fear about Dating again.

You Have Low Self-Esteem and Confidence; and Stay Stuck in the Status Quo

You have dreams and goals for your life, but can’t stick to them, or easily quit. You stay in a job you hate just to get the paycheck. You know your Partner is Toxic, but hope they’ll change, and feel “someone is better than no relationship”

You Have Fear-based, Negative Thinking & Unhealthy Behaviors that Rule Your Life

You may realize you’re a People-pleaser, are Afraid to Speak Up, or have Moodiness you Know is not Healthy. You worry if people like you. You could be impulsive and may be concerned about addiction. You feel that Years of Childhood & Love Trauma may be sabotaging you in attracting an Emotionally Healthy Partner, and in having a Dynamic Career you’re proud of, but you don’t know how to get them.

See What Our CURRENT Spring 2022 Students Are Saying About The Program

Watch Our Other Clients Excitement Over Their Amazing Life,

Love & Business Transformation!

Lia (35)

Now Happily Engaged!

Scott (48)
Now Happily Married!
Kirsten (46)

Mindset Helps Single Mom with Kids, Job Promotion & Dating Confidence

Jamie (33)

Now Happily Married with a Daughter!

Jerry (54)

30 Years of Proven Success in Life, Marriage & Career using “The Mindset for Success System”


What is the deadline to enroll in the program?

The Group starts Mon, September 12th 2022; but once the group reaches full enrollment; it will end before this date. The Group will be limited, so enroll now to get a spot. You also need time to do your Introductory Private Life & Love Transformation Assessment Session; so you know exactly what you will focus on in class. As soon as you enroll, this session will be scheduled. Class start time is 7:30 pm EST; and is held for 2 hours.

Will the classes be recorded?

Yes, each class will be recorded, but you will always reap the most benefits by attending each class live. Also, you get a Graduate Honors Gift of a 1-hour Private Coaching Session with me ($1000 value) at the end when you attend every session live! Most students love to reach this goal!

What Type of Support will I get during the program?

You get tons! We will meet every other Monday night for 6 months; for 2 hour classes. One hour will be for an Educational lesson or Group Exercise, and the other hour will be for Q & A. PLUS - You each get SIX Private Coaching sessions with me for 30 minutes, 1 per month.

How much time will I personally have with Riana?

You receive One private 30-minute Coaching a month with me; for 6 months - a $3000 value! Plus, you get an Introductory Life & Love Transformation Assessment Session (a $497 value) so we can both be clear on what you will be focusing on in the program. In addition, be sure to have your worksheets completed for each class and attend all the classes LIVE to get Your Graduation Honors Award of 1-Hour of Coaching at the end of the program to create your next 6-month goals and answer any final personal questions ($1000 value). Plus each student will have time to ask their Questions in every class - about the Topic or anything else happening in their Life that they need help on. You also have an opportunity to get a One-Time-Only Bonus of Extra Private Coaching sessions at incredible Savings when you enroll now. You can’t get this Coaching offer anywhere else, and you can’t buy this later; so take advantage of it!

How do I know this Group Program will work for me?

I have been teaching "The Mindset for Success" and Trauma Recovery Skills for over 40 years. In combination with all the other expertise and experience I have had in both the Coaching and Counseling Professions; I know my program works! All you need to do is DECIDE you will be open to the process of coaching, complete your exercises on time, show up to class and actively participate. It’s that easy. I will do the rest. Be sure to read some of my client’s Testimonials Stories. It is my purpose and mission to see that each of my clients succeed!

What if I Don’t Have the Time?

You choose where you spend your time. You can continue to struggle and take HOURS trying to learn from free programs or books, or keep doing what you’ve always done - and still end up where you are today. Or, you can DECIDE you are worth carving out a couple of hours a month, for 6 months, to get the proven-educational Coaching system to Transform your Life, Love and Career as well as change the way You Feel about yourself – FOREVER. We all are given the same Time in Life. You can choose to binge watch on Netflix, or Choose to be dedicated to Creating the Life You Desire. The Most Successful People in the World always schedule in Time for Self Development. It’s totally worth putting Yourself, and this Course, as your priority.

How many times a year do you hold this Group Program?

I offer this program ONCE a year; right after the New Year. This timing is perfect to get your goals aligned for the new year, to have an incredible summer, and to find Love for the Holidays! However this SPECIAL Fall Class is being run as demand has been high. But I limit class size, so get in before it's filled up.

Can I sign on anywhere in the world?

Yes! these classes are held on Zoom: and my clients are global. No matter where they live, they are totally committed to their Transformation and carve out the time to attend their classes! I'm sure like my last students, you won't want to miss a class at all! Schedule your time for six months out in your calendar around your Class commitment.

What if I Don’t Have the Money?

You must finally DECIDE you are worth this investment in yourself and that you are COMMITTED to Changing Your Life FOREVER. When we REALLY Want something – we Find the Money, right? Think of all the foolish things you buy that don’t make any significance in your life. The clock is ticking….How many years have you dealt with the pain, anxiety, and anger about what happened to you? What type of Life do you Desire? Do you feel you Deserve a Better type of Partner and Relationship? To have a Purpose and to Love Your Career? Then take the Leap of Faith in Yourself and invest in the proven program that so many others before you have – Fight the Childhood Or Ex’s messages that you Don’t deserve to be Happy – or that You're Not Worth it. DECIDE Tonight, and Prove YOU are Worth it! Your Success is Your Best Revenge! Let’s Do this together! Also, remember we offer 6-month payment plan if you choose to spread out your payments. Just CLICK on Enroll to see the various payment plans.

What is the Refund Policy?

There is NO REFUND Once they start SID; a $1000 value. If they did NOT Start SID, there is a Full refund of what they paid LESS Service Charges of 15%. If they started SID - $1000 would be deducted plus the 15% Service Charges on a Refund on Dating to Mating if they have Not entered that program. Once entered into DTM and/or class starts, there are no refunds.

Over 40 Years Experience & Education; Successfully Teaching her “Mindset for Success” Life & Love Transformational System to millions of People of All Ages – leading to Outstanding Careers, Incredible Love Relationships & a Passionate, Joy-filled Life!

About Coach Riana Milne

Riana’s Mission is to “Help Change the Way the World Loves.” Because of her dedication, Riana has been featured in FORBES Magazine, selected as “One of the Top 10 Coaches to Follow in 2022” by Wealth Insider Magazine, and in 2021 was selected as “One of the Top 100 Successful Women in the World.” In 2020 she won “The Best Life Coach & Psychotherapist” in her hometown of Delray Beach, FL.

But if you ask this humble, down-to-earth lady what she does for a living, she says,  “I Have the Honor to Help People” with a big, confident, warm and loving smile!

Riana's Story

After growing up in a household with Parental fighting, an absent father she adored (but uncovered his affair at age 10), and a cold, critical mother who never said “I love You” or “I’m proud of You” – like most of us, we carried on and thought this “was normal.” Until we picked our Romantic Partners. After choosing men she was attracted to by chemistry, and not realizing she chose 3 Sociopaths, after her third Love Trauma she stopped to examine WHY this was happening to her.

Not learning anything about Traumatic Love Relationships in a Triple Masters of Clinical Counseling Psychology program where she graduated Summa Cum Laude, she asked seven Therapist friends why this was happening to her and no one had the answers. She felt the frustration of “How Can I Heal from this Love Trauma and make sure it NEVER happens again if I don’t Know WHY it’s Happening?!" she took matters into her own hands.

Her deep research to help heal herself, along with her years of experience as an LMHC Counselor and Certified Life & Relationship Coach led her to discover the HUGE impact that Unconscious and Unhealed Childhood Trauma has on our lives and with Partner selection. It impacts our confidence levels, how we parent, the Career choices we make, our level of Growth and Financial Abundance, our Mental & Physical Health, our friendships – literally EVERYTHING in Life.

Her discovery in 2012 led her to take her Pain and make it her Purpose & Passion by “getting the message out to the world” about what she uncovered. After writing her #1 Bestseller, LOVE Beyond Your Dreams – Break Free of Toxic Relationships to Have the Love You Deserve, she became one of the FIRST speakers globally on this topic.

She created the Childhood Trauma Checklist Assessment tool in 2012 so her clients could easily identify their past traumas. Then she went on to become a CCTP - Certified Clinical Trauma Recovery Professional and got Certified as a Mindset Coach. Riana also developed her Trademarked Life & Love Transformation Coaching Programs – Dating to Mating for Singles© & Relationship Rescue for Couples©.

She realized her “Mindset for Success System” that she taught in her early twenties as a College Adjunct Professor to her Business students, and to her small-town Models and Actors that led them to great levels of career success in the Talent Industry, had also helped her troubled students of all grade levels in the schools when she was a Trauma Counselor (SAC). These lessons and Psychological Mindset Skills are now taught to her Coaching Clients of all ages.

Riana combines over 40 years of experience and many modalities to help her clients of all ages reach their goals and dreams and to develop the Positive Mindset for Success in ALL Life areas. This makes her trademarked system extremely unique, unlike any other Coaching program globally.

She treats every one of her clients with loving care and kindness, with full empathy to what trauma they endured; yet empowers them into incredible, life-long Transformation.

Many of Riana's past clients stay friends for life and consistently share their WINS, updates, and celebrations with her. Many are featured on her podcast, Lessons in Life and Love.

Riana is the proud Mom of Stephana Ferrell and Alexi Panos-Davis; always very successful; and the Fun Grandmom of 5 boys and 1 girl. 

She has always said, "Help Yourself by Helping Others" as her Joy in Life is seeing others Succeed.


“From Fear & Doubt to Personal Power, Purpose, Love & Success in All Life Areas.”

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